32 weeks

wow…it is now 32weeks…8 more weeks to go for full term…tummy is getting bigger now, and heavier of course…. can’t really get enough sleep, now that baby is moving hard everytime, even when i was ready to go to bed…and baby is very active at night too!! cham liao la….if this is baby’s sleep pattern after baby is born too, then it will be sleepless night for me and hubby already… ahahahahaha

anyway, yesterday we tried playing classical musics once i hit the bed…of cos the musics are doing me good…i got sleepy just after 2 songs…hahahaha, and miraculously baby as well….i hardly felt her kicking that much yesterday night…or probably i was deep in sleep…. hahahahaha…will try again tonight….

i cant wait for the weekends, so i can sleep until noon….baahahahahaha, sleepy head ain’t I? well, i read online that during the 3rd trimester, regardless how much sleep you have, it will never be enough…. hahaha

food intake during these times are important too, as most of the weight and nutrition goes to the baby….i’ve gotta eat more healthy food…but cant do if i dont have the likeliness for fish and meat now…only liked veggies and fruits…. anyway, for the sake of baby…will try to eat more fish…. hihi…

8 more weeks to go, cant wait…. am excited…. are you? hehehehe

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28 weeks now….

well, it has been some time since i’ve last blogged. i had this great idea shared by a colleague of mine to blog about something sweet…. yea, i’m going to blog about my sweet kutti, sweet addition in my life recently…

this will be my pregnancy blog, to have my sweet memories written down…. i should have started this from  the day 1 but it’s never too late to start this now…

week 28

She is getting bigger by the moment, and the feeling of her inside of me now is just overwhelming…to be able to feel her move, kick, play drum… hahahahah, that’s just awesome… well, for one, she doesn’t like me to sleep on my right side now as her head is now located in the middle portion of the water bag, and right side that is..no wonder she doesn’t like me to sleep on the right side!! she would just push hard with her hands i think…lol, even my hubby was shocked at how hard she pushed…. hahahaha, isn’t that just cute??? heart melts…..

and to my surprise, my hubby talks to her after i was asleep!! hahahaha….and she responded… lol, and without me even realizing it, i must have gotten into deep sleep….and she would just kick here and there… haahaha

with her getting bigger, my movements are slower now…to the extend that i need to be extra careful moving about…i have just knocked my tummy 2 times last week as i might have measured wrongly how big my tummy is right now.

she is now weighing 1.1kg, around 38cm long now…i am beginning to feel her more now, closer than ever!! can’t wait for her to come out… hahaha

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Best day!!!

wow, i had the best laksa today….home made laksa, my aunt and cousin sis make for us to makan…wa, can fight penang road and air itam laksa, syok!!!!!

hehehehe, then also durian time!!!!! waaaaa, syok….hehehehe, laksa & durian together….ahahahahaaah, super satisfied today….

and hor, later movie time wiz dad, mom, sis and didi…ehehehe..gonna watch kungfu panda!!! hahahaa, another set of laughter

Happy Father’s Day, daddy….

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Weekend’s here!!!

yawn~~~~ Wuhooooo….Friday nite, means no more working….and get to relax over the weekend, before it’s Monday Blues again….

am at home chilling, with mom zzzzz-ing beside me….and suddenly i saw a mosquito on her leg!! suck syok syok….i go slowly near her leg, and wham!!! piak on her leg, killed the mosquito, but wake my dear mummy up…hahaha, she looked at me with her blur blur face….and i told her…”wu bang laaaa”- means got mosquito la…hahahahaha

and well yea, the mosquito sucked alot of blood, so much blood smeared on both mummy’s leg and my hands…yuckie!!!

well, mummy’s up…i gotta talk to her already….bye peepsssss

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A great article I saw online the previous day, found that it’s good…and here it is..share it with you guys…..


“Being listened to, is so close to being loved that most people cannot tell the difference.” -David Oxberg

When I walked into Starbucks today for a late afternoon cup of tea to accompany me on my way home, I walked in on a young barista telling his invisible co-worker in the back room how tired he was of being told what to do. He said, “I don’t want you to give me advice, I just wanted someone to listen. I am sick of people telling me what to do.” I heard her voice coming from the back, “That’s ok. I am a good listener…” He didn’t see me at the counter until I said, “No one can really tell anybody else what to do. Although there are certainly people who think they can. I do it sometimes with my kids.” It never really works though, not nearly as well as listening closely and deeply to what they are saying.

Active listening is when you are listening to learn about someone, which is different at its heart from defensive listening, when you are just waiting for your turn to rebut what you heard. The ancient poet Rumi described this listening heart as the deep ear in his chest. It is a profoundly naïve and curious place that affirms the mystery of the people you love. It recognizes that even the people that we think we know best, are separate from us and in the process of continuous change. Learning to listen to oneself in this way is equally revelatory. The essence of our deepest selves and the love we long to share with others lives in the spaces between what we say and in the silence to which we rarely pay attention.

This is often where long-time partners and relatives get tripped up. We stop asking real questions or giving real answers. We live together half asleep and stop wondering about the other person’s dreams or our own. In its place, our communications degenerate to a defended listening, filled with fear and uneasy silence. No one feels heard. Healing this place by bringing an open-hearted curiosity to listening by offering your present and unconditional attention is a profoundly loving act. It is in fact the most powerful way in which we can bear witness to our love. When we can stop doing everything else and focus our full attention on the person across from you, then you are truly living in the present.

In part, this requires training our mind to slow down to the speed of sound. This is much slower than the speed of light, which we process through our eyes and is normally how we process our fast-paced lives. Listening not only for who someone is, but what they are feeling behind their words requires the heart’s wisdom as much as the mind’s knowing. You can’t slow down enough to really hear when you are multitasking, texting, or even making dinner. Active listening is an act of curiosity and requires full attention to the moment you are sharing with someone else.

The more you practice actively listening, the more apparent it becomes that words don’t really describe things nearly as well as they describe our relationship to them. This is where misunderstanding comes from. In our rush to communicate we often hear the words, but not the heart of what is being said. Slowing down and paying full attention to the people you love gives you the chance to heal and connect in a way that merely speaking cannot. I am learning about the power of a loving silence, which gives the people you care about the chance to figure out what is inside of them.

Cultivating this curious listening in your relationships is one of the most powerful ways to transform it and add a place of grace between you, which allows both partners the space to unfold and know themselves. It will surprise you how quickly and completely relationships can heal within the reciprocity that occurs when you step inside another’s experience completely. Judgment is replaced with empathy and the experience unifies the speaker and the listener in such a way that both people walk away somehow enlarged and expanded. Connecting our ears to our hearts is an act of love.

Wendy Strgar, founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, is a loveologist who writes and lectures on Making Love Sustainable, a green philosophy of relationships which teaches the importance of valuing the renewable resources of love, intimacy and family.  In her new book, Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy,  she tackles the challenging issues of sustaining relationships and healthy intimacy with an authentic and disarming style and simple yet innovative adviceIt has been called “the essential guide for relationships.”  The book is available on ebook.  Wendy has been married for 27 years to her husband, a psychiatrist, and lives with their four children ages 13- 22 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/listening-with-a-curious-heart.html#ixzz1OpWEbHDW

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good one to share….

it is always good to have always admit where we have done wrong, not just by merely letting it pass…ignorance is bliss, it is good to bypass our ownself ego….. to learn as we grow old, never stop learning…..

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KungFu Panda!!!!

i have watched Kung Fu Panda 2 today, with J. went to Sunway after work, i guessed it was a great choice after all…cus it is a very funny movie, and yea…we laughed all the way from the starting to the end…OMG, i wanna watched it again and again…i think i won’t be getting bored watching it. And it has great values in it also, great one to learn….lucky i watch it with J, as there was some values that was good to learn for both of us. It makes it easier for her to see the connection…..hahahahaha

and now, somehow i would jus like to add on something. it is always good to praise anyone if we see something good they have made, or any better change they have made in themselves or for the others…this is just a way to encourage that person to make more better changes in himself and continue improving…this is just like a small kid, praise for the good things they have learned and did just in a way to encourage them to be good and remember the good values learned. so yea….praising is a way to encourage more of the good deeds done, or improvements done.

i came across an interesting article about listening…will post it next blog then….till then, gdnite!!! sayonara…..

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