long distance relationship- is it gonna work????

a fren asked me today….questions pertaining relationship….on how we girls would act or feel or think on a very simple thing…
and i had gave him a very common answer, on how a girl would act….based on what i would act on…..
this then leads me to think on a question that  have been lingering in my mind for years…..
"long distance relationship"
by the name of it makes me shudder….i’ve neber experienced it before, but i guess it should be hard….both party has to be trustful of each other, and there must have commitment from both party…
shud have a certain level of confidence on each partner…
let me list down wat exactly will be needed to make a long distance relationship work…
– trust
– confidence
– commitment
– love(for sure, if not, why bother?)
– $$ (for all the phone calls, and travel to meet each other up)
– faith
– trust
– trust
– trust
wat else? i really can’t think of another thing….oh ya…
– prayers to make this relationship work……
open for discussion, welcome all opinion and we’ll see how long the list could go…….
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2 Responses to long distance relationship- is it gonna work????

  1. Vivian says:

    not that hard I think…
    but I don\’t know why he give up so quickly…
    maybe it works for the women,not for the men…

  2. Vivian says:

    he makes me happy that I never thought I could be ..
    but ,because the distance…he stopped there

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