KungFu Panda!!!!

i have watched Kung Fu Panda 2 today, with J. went to Sunway after work, i guessed it was a great choice after all…cus it is a very funny movie, and yea…we laughed all the way from the starting to the end…OMG, i wanna watched it again and again…i think i won’t be getting bored watching it. And it has great values in it also, great one to learn….lucky i watch it with J, as there was some values that was good to learn for both of us. It makes it easier for her to see the connection…..hahahahaha

and now, somehow i would jus like to add on something. it is always good to praise anyone if we see something good they have made, or any better change they have made in themselves or for the others…this is just a way to encourage that person to make more better changes in himself and continue improving…this is just like a small kid, praise for the good things they have learned and did just in a way to encourage them to be good and remember the good values learned. so yea….praising is a way to encourage more of the good deeds done, or improvements done.

i came across an interesting article about listening…will post it next blog then….till then, gdnite!!! sayonara…..

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