Weekend’s here!!!

yawn~~~~ Wuhooooo….Friday nite, means no more working….and get to relax over the weekend, before it’s Monday Blues again….

am at home chilling, with mom zzzzz-ing beside me….and suddenly i saw a mosquito on her leg!! suck syok syok….i go slowly near her leg, and wham!!! piak on her leg, killed the mosquito, but wake my dear mummy up…hahaha, she looked at me with her blur blur face….and i told her…”wu bang laaaa”- means got mosquito la…hahahahaha

and well yea, the mosquito sucked alot of blood, so much blood smeared on both mummy’s leg and my hands…yuckie!!!

well, mummy’s up…i gotta talk to her already….bye peepsssss

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4 Responses to Weekend’s here!!!

  1. Louise says:

    hahaha… moi i just like the words” wu bang la” LOL… cute la oi..

  2. haha, love the figurative speech, nice….. sweet dreams…. next round i wanna piak your ass and shout out loud , Mosquito!! haha

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