28 weeks now….

well, it has been some time since i’ve last blogged. i had this great idea shared by a colleague of mine to blog about something sweet…. yea, i’m going to blog about my sweet kutti, sweet addition in my life recently…

this will be my pregnancy blog, to have my sweet memories written down…. i should have started this from  the day 1 but it’s never too late to start this now…

week 28

She is getting bigger by the moment, and the feeling of her inside of me now is just overwhelming…to be able to feel her move, kick, play drum… hahahahah, that’s just awesome… well, for one, she doesn’t like me to sleep on my right side now as her head is now located in the middle portion of the water bag, and right side that is..no wonder she doesn’t like me to sleep on the right side!! she would just push hard with her hands i think…lol, even my hubby was shocked at how hard she pushed…. hahahaha, isn’t that just cute??? heart melts…..

and to my surprise, my hubby talks to her after i was asleep!! hahahaha….and she responded… lol, and without me even realizing it, i must have gotten into deep sleep….and she would just kick here and there… haahaha

with her getting bigger, my movements are slower now…to the extend that i need to be extra careful moving about…i have just knocked my tummy 2 times last week as i might have measured wrongly how big my tummy is right now.

she is now weighing 1.1kg, around 38cm long now…i am beginning to feel her more now, closer than ever!! can’t wait for her to come out… hahaha

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4 Responses to 28 weeks now….

  1. Kw says:

    ha~ continue ur blog after 1 yr?

    so cute the baby, she protest you ho~ chili padi DNA inherited… lol
    and Bryan also very cute… haha, talking to baby at midnite…
    seen like he dun wan another 10pm baby.. kakaka…

    take care and look forward your post.. i like it… !!

  2. kw says:

    lol, wrote one only then stop liao ah? haha

  3. nlipeng says:

    hahahaah…lazy to write laa…lol

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