32 weeks

wow…it is now 32weeks…8 more weeks to go for full term…tummy is getting bigger now, and heavier of course…. can’t really get enough sleep, now that baby is moving hard everytime, even when i was ready to go to bed…and baby is very active at night too!! cham liao la….if this is baby’s sleep pattern after baby is born too, then it will be sleepless night for me and hubby already… ahahahahaha

anyway, yesterday we tried playing classical musics once i hit the bed…of cos the musics are doing me good…i got sleepy just after 2 songs…hahahaha, and miraculously baby as well….i hardly felt her kicking that much yesterday night…or probably i was deep in sleep…. hahahahaha…will try again tonight….

i cant wait for the weekends, so i can sleep until noon….baahahahahaha, sleepy head ain’t I? well, i read online that during the 3rd trimester, regardless how much sleep you have, it will never be enough…. hahaha

food intake during these times are important too, as most of the weight and nutrition goes to the baby….i’ve gotta eat more healthy food…but cant do if i dont have the likeliness for fish and meat now…only liked veggies and fruits…. anyway, for the sake of baby…will try to eat more fish…. hihi…

8 more weeks to go, cant wait…. am excited…. are you? hehehehe

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